Our story

After grad, our co-founders noticed they were having many conversations with alumni reminiscing about campus life. They realised that unlike hall, there wasn't much of a young adult community in their neighbourhoods and few opportunities for young people who live in the same area to connect meaningfully. They would hear common narratives like, "my parents know the neighbours, my grandparents do, but I don't" or "my estate very old no other young people".


Thus, came the inspiration for Friendzone!


Bringing together their experience in community building, communications and facilitation, they began designing and hosting IRL neighbourhood gatherings to combat social isolation and disconnectedness, and bring the diversity of young people together!


Now, because of COVID-19, they have carried that same heart to connect communities online!


The Friendzone Team believes that everyone has something to offer and receive, and Singapore is full of interesting people that just haven't met yet.

Our Dream

Our dream

A Friendzone'd Singapore :p


Thriving communities across Singapore where individuals feel connected to one another, contribute to each other and live fulfilled lives.


A nation where friendliness is the norm and people don't feel alone.

Our mission

To unite diverse people and inspire them to create caring communities for themselves.


To animate communities through conversation, connection, and curation.


To provide countercultural perspectives and experiences, shifting narratives and norms.

Friendzone in the media

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Friendzone's Something New

Lobang from your neighbaes βœ¨

With 16 neighbourhood telegram chats created through our neighbourhood gatherings, we've seen a wide range of activity, content and exchanges.


We thought it would be a good idea to consolidate some of the great recommendations that have been shared by different Friendzone neighbourhoods - all in one place!


Join the channel @fzsomethingnew to keep up with lobangs, apps, ideas and perspective from all over Singapore!


If you've anything to share, message @fzsomethingnewbot 

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