Frequently Asked Questions

the deep stuff

What is Friendzone?


Friendzone our process of creating community amongst young adults in their neighbourhoods.


It begins with a hangout we host at a void deck where you will meet other interesting people in your hood and connect with them over meaningful conversation. Friendzone isn't a one-off event, our void deck sessions are just the beginning! :) Having made new friends who actually live near you, you can jio each other for stuff to connect further and bond (think makans, sports, and YESS now you have new mahjong, running or supper kakis who live near you :D).


With time, we will begin to experience a cosy and caring community as people share and invite each other into their lives :)


Why the focus on youths (18-35)?


Sure, there are many underengaged communities; but the problem that young people (us) don't know our neighbours is real and serious. Social isolation and homogenous social circles is an issue. We're all living in our own bubbles?? (ono). There also aren't many initiatives for young adults to connect and make friends in their neighbourhoods. These are some of the gaps we hope to bridge by bringing the diversity of the neighbourhood together through Friendzone :)


By 18-35, we're referring to those in the life stages of Poly/ JC/ Uni/ ITE/ young working adults. If you are in this lifestage, we welcome you to come join us!


Why the name Friendzone?


It's clickbaity haha. Got you to this page, didn't it? :p


Some associate the word "Friendzone" with dating or think it has a negative connotation. But we think it perfectly describes the heart of this project which is to experience our neighbourhoods as a place (a zone) where we can have friends.


We're not a dating platform k!! :b


If anything, we're ship-ing friendships ;) hahaha. We're reclaiming the word "Friendzone" and making it a positive thing :)


What's the average attendance and demographic profile of attendees so far?


~30-45 people at each event.

A fair mix of working adults, tertiary students, stay-at-home moms, ITE, JC & poly kids. And yes, a good mix of singles, happily attached people, and married couples :)


Who started this?


Read our story here.


the fun stuff

Is the event free?


Yes it is! Feel free to bring down snacks like fruits or chips for sharing if you'd like :)


This seems fun! How can I get involved?

1. Sign up!

2. Show up!

3. Tell all your friends who stay in Tampines, Clementi and Marine Parade about the upcoming events in their neighbourhood!


I don't stay in those 3 neighbourhoods, can I still come?


We would prefer to reserve this upcoming event for residents of the area. If you stay further away e.g. at Punggol, Bishan, Jurong East, it may not be as meaningful for you to attend since the target audience is residents of our launched chapters.


Where are you guys are launching at next?

Good question. We're in the midst of planning 


How do I get a Friendzone going in my neighbourhood?

DM us on Instagram or Facebook messenger and we can explore the possibilities :)

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