Frequently Asked Questions


What is Friendzone?


Friendzone is our process of connecting people and creating community. Through Friendzone, we hope to shift perspectives so that we can all experience our neighbourhoods, companies, schools, and organisations as places (zones) where we have friends.

In neighbourhoods, our focus is on creating spaces for young adults to connect with their neighbours. We realised that most young adults don't know their neighbours, and as we grow older it gets harder to meet people outside our social circles. Friendzone hosts hangouts (envision fairy lights and cosy carpets) at void decks for you to meet other interesting people in your 'hood and connect with them over meaningful conversation! Having made new friends who actually live near you, you can jio each other for stuff to connect further and bond (think makans, sports, and yasss now you have new mahjong, running or supper kakis who live near you 😍).


With time, you'll begin to experience a cosier neighbourhood community as you grow in courage and comfort to continue to share and invite new friends into your life ✨

In companies, schools and interest-based organisations, our community-building efforts focus on forming new connections and deepening relationships between community members, strengthening relationships and uniting people towards common dreams.

Why does community matter?

Community matters because we aren't created to do life alone.​ We are unique people with our own strengths, interests, experiences, and passions that are complementary to others. We have things to give and contribute to others; and also perspectives and support that we can receive.

Community refers to the social context that we live in. Community matters because community is the context in which we fully come alive as we live in relation with others.

Why the focus on youths (18-35)?


Sure, there are many under-engaged communities; but the problem that young people (us) don't know our neighbours is real and serious. Social isolation and homogenous social circles is an issue. We're all living in our own bubbles! 😱 There are also few opportunities for young adults to connect and make friends in their neighbourhoods. These are some of the gaps we hope to bridge through Friendzone.

By 18-35, we're referring to those in the life stages of Poly/ JC/ NS/ Uni/ ITE/ young working adults/ young families.

Beyond neighbourhoods, what other communities do you work in?


We see ourselves as community animators = i.e. we bring communities to life through our customised programmes that are designed to facilitate the formation of meaningful friendships.

We work with companies and interest-based groups to customise community-building experiences for them. If you'd like Friendzone to animate your community, email us at We're excited to dream and make those dreams a reality with you!


Who started this?


Read our story here.



Why the name Friendzone?


It's clickbait 👻😂

Got you to this page, didn't it?


Some associate the word "Friendzone" with dating or think it has a negative connotation. But we think it perfectly describes the heart of this project - to experience our neighbourhoods as a place (a zone) where we can have friends.


We're not a dating platform!


If anything, we're ship-ing friendships, reclaiming the word "Friendzone" and making it a positive thing.


What's the average attendance & demographic so far?


+ - 30-45 people at each event.


We bring together a diverse mix of working adults, tertiary students, stay-at-home moms, ITE, JC and Poly youth. Of course, within this are a good mix of singles, happily attached people, and married couples 👌💛

Are Friendzone events free?

Yes they are! Feel free to bring down snacks like fruits or chips for sharing if you'd like! 🍌🍤


When are your next events?

How can I get involved?

Thanks for your interest in attending a Friendzone event! We're currently taking some time off to plan for our next series of launches in new neighbourhoods in 2020, these will be announced soon so keep a lookout!

In the meantime, community activities (like BBQs, sports, makans etc) are ongoing in Tampines, Clementi and Marine Parade. If you stay in any of these 3 neighbourhoods, slide into our DMs on Instagram or FB, & we'll connect with you with some of your friendly neighbours!


How do I get a Friendzone going in my neighbourhood?

If you're part of an MCST, PA YN, RN or CC, contact us directly on Instagram or Facebook and we can arrange a meeting to explore further :)

You can also reach out to us via email at

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