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10 Feelings Of Friendzone Online

You may be joining us for the first time, or you have lost count how many times you’ve been to a Friendzone gathering. But the reality is this most likely -or definitely- is the first time you’re joining us for a Friendzone Online session in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Registering for a session, there’s probably so much running through your body and mind that breaking all of them down seems complex, but we’re sure that you can definitely identify with at least a few of these feelings at Friendzone Online!

1. Curious About The Initiative

Friendzone? Hahaha, smart word play there. I get it! It may be your first time hearing about Friendzone, let alone Friendzone Online. It’s barely day 2 of #stayathome and you’re already feeling trapped and bored...

But here’s an unusual event. The chance of connecting with unfamiliar people in this time of crisis and change piques your interest. You're intrigued and think it’s a meaningful initiative. You go to the website to read up more.

2. Sceptical Of Meeting New People

Unless you’re an all-out extrovert who loves meeting anyone anyhow, you’re probably apprehensive about meeting unfamiliar people. You procrastinate whether to sign up, or jio other friends in so you’re not alone. What the heck, you decide to register (otherwise you know you confirm forget). Anyway, #supportlocal.

3. Doubtful Of How Things Are Going To Turn Out

Ahh yes, hello ‘doubt’. No stranger to us, you’re probably feeling this as the rational side of yourself kicks in. More than just the shyness and fear of meeting new people, you wonder whether Friendzone can even pull off something like this. What if there’s too many people? What if there’s too few people? What happens if technology fails? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one feeling this way, nor feeling…

4. Awkward When You See A Bunch Of Faces You Don’t Know

Awkwardness needs no explanation. It is what it is. You’re most likely lying to yourself if you’re telling us this isn’t a feeling or concern that crosses to mind before you sign up, right to the moment you finally join the video call and are greeted by unfamiliar faces.

5. Confused For Many Different Reasons

It could be because people’s faces are freezing and blurry and you aren’t sure if it’s an issue with the call. Or maybe it’s because you’re scurrying around the house finding a spot with better WiFi you leave by accident oops. At our trial call, the Friendzone host Tham had some technical difficulties, and appeared green! 😂

6. Relieved That Things Are Coming Together

After self-introductions in the main room and listening to instructions from the Friendzone facilitators, you are now in your breakout group. As the conversations progress, you feel the ice break as you share and hear from your group mates. Or maybe what got you guys laughing and talking to each other more could be because of the lags on some of the cameras and voices of your groupmates!

7. Comfortable With Your Group And Conversations

Besides knowing each other’s names and contexts, your conversations have expanded to include what you are doing in life, how you have spent your time at home, or even your thoughts about COVID-19. The conversation starters may have brought your group conversations into that direction, and you are enjoying yourself as the minute passes, and as you interact more with one another.

8. Glad You Decided To Spend Your Weekend With Us

You feel like the conversation has just begun when Friendzone Online has been running for almost an hour! You’ve had a surprising experience meeting new people and making friends. You’re glad that you registered. Don’t forget to exchange your numbers or social media handles if you want to keep in touch!

9. Satisfied With Time Spent At Friendzone Online

The experiences of your time at Friendzone Online are still fresh and etched in your mind. You reminisce and look back at the variety of meaningful conversations you had, and remember how much you enjoyed the event. You feel victorious for doing something purposeful besides binging on Netflix and playing online games.

10. Excited At Future Friendzone Online Opportunities!

Realising this was fun, you find yourself telling your friends and encouraging them to go register and try something new! You decide to sign up for another session, wondering: Who will I meet? What will we talk about? Whatever your thoughts are, we know our upcoming Friendzone Online events will give you reasons to be grateful for social connection during this time of safe distancing!


The current COVID-19 situation shouldn’t put an end to the kind of meaningful conversations we can have, nor reduce our chances of befriending others. If you’re keen to do just this, register for the next Friendzone Online session at http://friendzonesg.eventbrite.sg/.

Stay #safelydistant and #sociallyconnected!

Written By: Song Yang and Grace

© 2020 Friendzone.sg

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