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Friendzone Tampines

by Grace Ann Chua

Wow we've finally launched in a new area! 13 January 2019 was an amazing night of laughter, chill vibes, & insightful conversations :)

Some topics that came up were --

Haliim (27, doctor): "Getting started in investing, how to go about getting a private pilot's license, our exercise routines, good spots to eat, the dating scene in Singapore for 20 year olds"

Kia Yee (22, last year in university): "Each person shared about their interests that can be very different, from creating comics to dieting to dramas, but all very interesting! Also about what we are doing at work/school/home. I also liked asking and hearing about what people would like to learn!"

Lance (26, NIE): "We talked about the best food places in sg, Chinese linguistics, Singapore politics, cats, dengue in the neighbourhood."

Some quick stats:

44 pax, 8 org comm

90% Tampines residents

50% male/female

Life stage: approx 58% working, 25% university, 5% poly, 7% NS, 5% stay at home mom

Personal takeaways?

Haliim: The most interesting thing i learnt was how to get a pilot's license! Actually intrigued me and piqued my interest. Might look into that sometime in the future.

Kia Yee: Wei Ling who has lived in 8 countries and I like to talk about intercultural experiences.

Lance: Taman jurong has good fish head that I wanna try haha

Next up: Friendzone Clementi 24 February 2019 :)

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