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Upon moving out of NUS University Town, Grace and Valencia noticed they were having many conversations with alumni reminiscing about campus life. They realised that unlike hall, there was a lack of a young adult community in their neighbourhoods and few opportunities for young adults who live in the same area to connect meaningfully.


With social media, we're more "connected" than ever before, but more distant from those geographically closest to us. 

Our heart is to see young people regardless of social identity come together to connect. 


We believe that building community is like growing a communal plant, it requires your contribution, and it takes time to grow. 


Beyond our events, the team sees an authentic and self-sustaining community develop as people invite their neighbours into their lives and contribute to their community.


Your neighbourhood is a 'zone' where you can have 'friends' :-)


If you are from a YEC, RC, or NC and you would like to bring together young adults in your neighbourhood, contact us via email at friendzonesg@gmail.com, or Instagram or FB messenger.

What we believe

We believe that everyone has something to give and receive.

We believe that neighbourhoods are full of diversity and interesting people that just haven’t met yet.

We believe that bringing people together produces wonderful outcomes.

We believe that we’re better together.


We invite you to create community with us :)

If you'd like to contribute to Friendzone in time, treasure, or talent, contact us via Instagram, Facebook Messenger or email at friendzonesg@gmail.com 

The Founding Team




About Friendzone (n)

Friendzone is a community building organisation dedicated to creating a culture of connectedness and care. We develop and run community building programmes that connect young adults over fun and meaningful conversation, and inspire them to take ownership of their neighbourhoods to create the community experience they desire.

We dream of a Singapore where friendliness is the norm and people don't feel alone. Our mission is to Friendzone Singapore -- one neighbourhood at a time.

We take an assets based approach to community building and play the role of a Community Animator by facilitating the uncovering of assets (skills, gifts, talents, stories, networks, resources) within the community and connect them to others.

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