Safely distant, socially connected


Singapore is full of

amazing people you

haven't met yet!

Come experience

our city as

zone of friendship

We believe that everyone has something to give & receive

We believe that Singapore is full of diversity

We believe that bringing people together produces wonderful outcomes

We believe that we're better together


“Social distancing” disrupted your life?

In this highly disruptive time, what we need more than ever is to be socially connected and support those around us, while staying safely distant. 


Settling into the new normal is difficult, but we can make the most of it together.


At Friendzone, we're all about bringing people together no matter the circumstances, and creating opportunities for building meaningful new friendships through face-to-face online gatherings! 

Adapted from our pre-covid IRL events, the idea is the same: Connect with interesting people, gain fresh perspectives, make a friend or two. 

Friendzone for organisations

Building healthy and meaningful relationships is an evergreen priority, all the more so while doing life remotely.


It's time to break the mould of unengaging zoom meetings and let Friendzone friendzone your community!

Wondering how to better engage your community now that things are mostly remote? 

Hand it over to us to design and host a meaningful community event to bring together members of your community to build new connections and deeper relationships.

Friendzone for neighbourhoods

Connect with young adults who live near you over meaningful conversations. 💬


Here's to discovering the people who live around you! 🥂

Everyone has the capacity for friendliness. Who knows, you might find a new running buddy or kakis to share delivery orders with! 🍰

Missed your neighbourhood's gathering?

Friendzone your neighbourhood by joining our mailing list at the link below. We'll update when our next online gathering for your neighbourhood is.

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