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How many young adults do you know in your neighbourhood?

For most of us, the answer is "very few".


We (young people) barely know our neighbours.


Neighbourhoods are full of amazing people you just haven't met yet.


As we grow older, we interact with people outside of our existing social circles less and less. It gets harder to meet people from different backgrounds.


Once in a while, we will meet someone new and get a shock to discover that they live nearby. How could we have lived here for x number of years and never met before!?


Friendzone brings together the diversity of the community to share stories and connect over meaningful conversation. 


Through Friendzone, we hope to experience our neighbourhoods as a zone (place) where we have friends.


Let's create the kampung spirit, together :)


friendzone your


Want to see your neighbourhood come alive?

Nominate your neighbourhood here!

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about us

Friendzone is a social organisation that hosts community building workshops and events.

Our mission is to Friendzone Singapore -- one neighbourhood, organisation, community at a time.

We champion countercultural perspectives and experiences, and hustle towards the day where friendliness is the norm and people don't feel alone.

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